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Learning Spanish Numbers

Uno, dos, tres, …….er… thats it Im afraid yes I am stumped.

I hardly make the all stars Language number counting team do I!

To be very frank, it is best learn Spanish to prepare yourself in the present competitive fiercely environment.


Practical Advantage Did someone Say Shopping?



Yes you heard me rigth and now I know why you think WTF has Primark got to do with numbers!

Well you know when you see that gorgeous dress at €35 and its got 30% off and your husband says you can spend 25 euros on anything you want but nothing more as you are saving up for a new house?

Well you need to be able to calculate how much that dress is minus the discount.

Hard isnt it?

It’s even harder in a different language to your normal bread and butter English.

And dont forget to price in your Malaga Taxi fair to the Mirramar Shopping Centre or La Canada!

Step by Step Guide.

Work it out in English first.

Then convert the numbers into Spanish

Your basis of the calculation is 10%.

So 10% of anything is you move the decimal point to the left once.

eg 10% of 100 = 10.0

10% of 330 = 33.0

Then repeat only with 1% this time only moving the decimal point two jumps to the right.

eg 1% of 100 = 1

1% of 330 =3.3

This way you can workout nearly anything fast.

eg What is 23% off a dress at €30 ?

ok well we need 10% + 10% + 3%

10% = 3

1% = 0.30c

therefore 23% = 2 x 3 + 3 x 0.30 = €6.90

Then convert the 6.90 English into Spanish you know the answer now?


Additional Skills

It is something that helps add a unique feature to your additional language learning skills and proves you to be one of the strongest candidates amongst the people who have applied for the jobs which demand for the proper and efficient usage of this language.

In this 1st of a 4-part series on doing the numbers and letters as balloon sculpture, I will give you the first 4 secrets of doing this type of design with balloons.

Binary numbers consist of two digits, which are 0 and 1. While it is only two digits, these 0s and 1s combined are actually a representation of meaningful data.

As a parent, you have also a great influence to improve their learning skills. At an early age, the more they know about their surroundings the easier it will be for them to learn when they are already in school. You can help your kids as they acquire new information and knowledge such as in their speech and vocabulary.


Yet trying to get a toddler to memorize twenty-six letters, which are all brand new to them, and try to get their pronunciation right is by no means an easy task. The same applies for numbers, there is an infinitive amount of numbers, yet the first time your child counts to ten, you would quite happily forget the rest.

This can be done by learning music, where the music itself is part of the goal, or by actually using the language for practical needs.

Therefore, if you need to speak Spanish, please practice speaking Spanish as much as you can and detect good ideas for yourself.

That is a huge number of people and it is why it is the second most spoken language in the world. Spanish has become a very popular language for people who want to learn Spanish fast there are many tools available to do so.

Many local bookshops have got a number of books, tapes or CD’s and visual aides that people can use to learn Spanish fast. Each combination of letters or numbers can be reduced to a single digit. Once you have reduced your name or birth date to a single number you can look at the very simplistic chart below for some insight. Number 1 You are a leader, a pioneer.

The thing is to learn about numbers, and how they work for you.

It is time that Spanish should be included in to the syllabus of the children at school along with English. Moreover, there are countless number of software available for teaching for adults. Although they can used by kids, they might not give an effective results